Trying to type one-handed to make myself rest my left arm, which I suspect is suffering from rsi – probably dating back to November, when I typed a whole novel on this very netbook… Hope to remember this later in the year when I’ll probably be tempted to do the same again.

I’m not far from the end of my Mountain + Flood edits now but have been distracted by finding a crime novel competition I think Reunited! would be just right for so doing a rough edit on that – the closing date is 14th Feb so no time to do more. It also needs to be cut by 2,000 words as word limit is 50,000, but that should be fine – I’ll keep another version with 52,000 for when I don’t win and need to expand it again!

Briefly considered York writing fest but will save my money for going to the Camargue later on – am sure it will be conducive to writing!

Almost forgot – weather drizzly and dreich today – the familiar raindrops on the roof, muddy pawprints etc etc etc…


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