Nothing but blue skies…

Well, that’s not quite accurate as there are some clouds too, but at least it isn’t already raining.
Saturday has come round again more quickly than I expected. I have the familiar uneasy feeling of not having done everything I should have done during the week, but at least I managed to get ‘Crime in the Community’ ready for the Amazon competition and to enter it in time. I don’t think it is at its best and of course as soon as I entered it I thought of several major changes to make to it, but they will have to wait until later. For now I’m ploughing through the printed version of ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ sticking post-its where I find mistakes. So far there’s a post-it on almost every other page. The mistakes range from odd typos and end quotes which have mysteriously gone on to the next line, to change of gender errors (one of the characters had to change from a man to a woman during an earlier re-write) and uncertainty about the occupation of one of the main characters. I also have to think seriously about the future of mobile phone technology! Half the characters seem to have implants in their ears enabling them to phone people, while the others struggle along with some sort of adapted iphone. Hard to make a novel consistent, especially when you’ve re-written it so many times!
Later today I’m going into town to have a meal with the Edinburgh NaNoWriMo group. Everyone has to wear something they wouldn’t normally wear so after considering a mask and discarding the idea after imagining myself trying to eat while wearing one, I’m planning to wear a hat. I had intended to decorate the hat with knitted flowers, but as usual my energy levels were no match for my bright ideas!


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