Rainy Saturday

Rain on the conservatory roof again, and wet cats everywhere – it must be Saturday!

I am still basking in the ‘glory’ of having been in the winning team at a quiz night last night – an unprecedented event. Have still to eat my way through the box of chocolates.

At this very moment I should probably be editing away like mad to get my novel ‘Crime in the Community’ ready to submit to the ABNA competition on Monday, but as I’m about 2 pages from the end obviously I don’t need to do anythng about it until the very last minute! Anyway, I’ve made a date with myself to go to Starbucks tomorrow afternoon for the NaNo group write-in and I can easily finish it then, or at least that’s my excuse. I’m not going to edit this one any more until after I get thrown out of ABNA, so that gives me time to look at some of the others, which are probably better anyway.

Another delaying tactic dreamed up by my mind was to plan a promotional video for ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ in the event that I decide to self-publish. I have a great plan for filming all round Edinburgh – and perhaps other places in Scotland, budget permitting – with a doom-laden voice-over about climate change.  It’s amazing the lengths my mind will go to stop me doing what I should be doing!

Have been enjoying listening to J and A’s ep released on MySpace. I thought eps were things of the past but apparently not. It’s quite a good compromise if you don’t have a whole album ready yet but more than a single. Their own website is: http://www.sonictriangle.co.uk


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