Having a heatwave!

It’s about 5 degrees C  here in Edinburgh this morning, which counts as a heatwave by recent standards. I think all the snow has gone, although I haven’t been out to investigate the gigantic sheet of ice that was still sitting in the street outside our house until yesterday evening. There are little muddy pawprints all over the house: the cats have celebrated by going in and out even more than usual. They don’t even mind the light drizzle that’s going on out there.

It’s now mild enough for me to sit in the conservatory again, and I am hoping that means I will be able to make great progress with my editing project., although annoyingly the more I edit ‘Crime in the Community’ (2007 NaNo novel), the more I think the sequel ‘Reunited’ (2009 NaNo novel) is much better and more worthy of editing. Certainly it had a more coherent plot.  However, there are people and themes introduced in ‘Crime in the Community’ that carry on into the sequel, and it would be very awkward to start what I hope will be a series of cosy mysteries with ‘Reunited’.

Oh, well, I suppose thinking these things out is a start! This week I also received from Lulu two printed copies of ‘The Mountain and the Flood’ (2006 NaNo novel) – not that I am actually planning to sell it myself but I got completely fed up with seeing it on the computer screen, so I decided to see what it might look like on the printed page. So far so good – when I started browsing it I was actually tempted to read on to see what happens – and I KNOW what happens!


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