Welcome to 2010!

Some time since my previous post – after Paris came Barcelona, after Barcelona came a lot of very stressful stuff such as trying to manage staff at the Youth Centre with one hand while making treasure for Ali Baba’s cave with the other while running my working life with both feet! (or something) Anyone would have lost their car keys in the circumstances.

Then there was National Novel Writing Month again, coming in November which is absolutely the worst possible time of year but which somehow always produces a new 50,000 word novel which wasn’t there at all before. So that was something good that came out of the time before Christmas that I really don’t want to think about any more. The new novel was a sequel to the one I wrote 2 NaNos ago, and because the new one came out so well, that has encouraged me to edit the previous one, which I will now prepare for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel  competition, proving yet again (as if Christmas shopping didn’t prove it enough) that I can only work to a deadline. I think after a lot of genre-hopping I am almost ready to settle down to write a series of cosy mysteries.

Just a note to finish off: I’m not writing in my conservatory today, since it is currently so cold there that even the cats won’t sit in there – this post has been written at work, where the snow outside on the Landform looks almost as if it has been created by an artist and hasn’t just fallen into place there.


7 responses to “Welcome to 2010!

  1. Paris and Barcelona? I’m jealous!

    So you’re another Nanoer. It sounds like your novels have come out more useable than mine have. There is one from about three years ago that I’d like to edit but I’m a long way from anything remotely publishable yet.

    • I wouldn’t say my NaNo novels were exactly useable! I have just about had to re-write the 2006 one to make it anything like a proper novel. But to date they have always produced some sort of kernel of a plot that I can work on.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • I always hope that’s what I’ll get from mine. I’m coming to terms with the fact that the novel isn’t my natural length for writing. I shall probably focus on short stories this year.

        I do enjoy the madness of Nano, though.

    • Yes, I do live in Edinburgh – in sunny Corstorphine – a bit like the North Pole at the moment.
      Thanks for your comment

  2. Aloha! Just wanted to say I found your blog in Nicola Morgan’s blog birthday comments and am enjoying the read! Greetings from another island on the other side!

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