Fringe fiesta

Opening night for our Fringe show tonight – I am so pleased not to be ‘acting’ (or even walking on) this year – it is just so wearing to have to be there every night for about 3 weeks. At least doing props we can work out a rota.
As well as helping with the ept fringe show ‘What wouldnae follow thee?’ I have tickets in my bag for several plays including a Terry Pratchett adaptation at lunchtime today. So it begins…
As usual I write this from the conservatory – a slightly breezy day in Edinburgh but at least it isn’t yet raining. We seem to have a plague of weird hovering insects dancing all over the ceiling. Later on they will probably be food for the gigantic spider who lives up on a ledge at the top – although I am terrified of spiders I have almost started to think of it as a pet. As long as it stays up there I am ok about it, but my worry is that it will come down from its high perch and start rampaging around frightening the wits out of us.
Wondering if I should get a Twitter account, but I was thinking earlier I really have too many different online presences to maintain already – haven’t updated the family website for some time, and then there’s the youth centre one, Lulu storefront, authonomy profile etc etc…


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