inspired to rewrite

I spent last weekend at the Winchester Writers’ Conference, and came back inspired once again – not with lots of ideas for new novels but this time with a plan to rewrite The Mountain and the Flood (again!). No, really, this is a serious rewrite where I change points of view and try to empathise with the characters so that I feel their pain instead of just watching the movie and being glad I’m not them! Well, this latter task may be beyond me but changing point of view will be somewhere to start. I am still not entirely convinced by the assertion of one of the workshop leaders that publishers don’t want things written in the first person. But I may try converting my novel into third person at the end of this rewrite to see how it looks, then by the magic of computers (and saved original copies of files) I will still be able to convert it back again if I don’t like it. At the moment I’m just working through adding a new first person voice to supplement the single first person I started with.
Oddly enough I am looking forward to doing this rewrite – oddly because I have always hated rewriting or even reading my own stuff once it’s written.
Otherwise it’s the same story as before – sitting in the conservatory with the door open, sun shining, blue sky… slightly apprehensive in case the spider who lives on the ledge comes out this morning.


2 responses to “inspired to rewrite

  1. If you have a good manuscript, voice doesn’t matter. Plenty of new books come in many voices. It’s all the other stuff that matter: strong voice, good characters, plot, and polish.

    I find that conferences, though inspirational, are often fraught with mixed messages. I’ve seen a panel of agents and publishers contradict one another. Go with your gut and sell it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Theresa! I’ve been clearing other stuff out of the way so that I can re-read the latest draft and then I will decide whether it’s ready to submit or not.

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