in the conservatory again

Somehow energised by the end of a major work project and the almost simultaneous end of my ownership of an extra house, I have started a de-cluttering initiative at home. I’ve already taken the first steps by freecycling a tv bracket I found in Ian’s house, and some dog food that arrived by post the week after our dog died. These seem like small steps but here at Maison Clutter they are enormous leaps.
I think in some ways by helping to remove all works of art from the Portrait Gallery I have proved to myself that however massive and unattainable the de-cluttering task seems, it is not impossible to carry it out. But we’ll see if my energy and enthusiasm continues to the end of the weekend!
Sitting in the conservatory again, raindrops on the roof but sunshine overhead too. It’s nice to have a shower of rain in the morning – especially if it happens before you get up – to water the plants. I am particularly keeping an eye on some pots where I planted seeds much too late in the year (not to mention the fact that the seeds were well past their use-by date – I wanted to test whether this matters or not). I may have to resort to buying plants from Tesco’s if I want to brighten up the front of the house with a pot of geraniums.
The weekend should be one of relaxation, of gentle de-cluttering and lots of contemplation of a blue sky through the conservatory roof – but I feel I may be tempted to do some writing too, now that some of my restless mental energy has returned. I didn’t realise it had gone until it came back, like so many things!


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