Work and dramatic activities have collided this week to produce mental and physical overload. I’ve found myself dropping off to sleep in odd places, refusing to consider doing anything ‘extra’ and definitely not writing – although in a quiet moment while the removal men went to fetch another trolley, I did make some notes on how to improve (or at least lengthen) the 2007 NaNo novel formerly known as ‘Community’.
Yesterday was, apparently, a hot sunny day, although this fact escaped me since I was stuck in the dim darkness of the Portrait Gallery during my working hours and then in the black-painted scene dock at the Churchill Theatre for the whole evening!
Today is Saturday, so I might even see the sky for a bit longer. At the moment it’s looking completely blue, and sunlight is dappling the garden, filtered out in places by the trees. I read somewhere that the forecast is for an unbearably hot summer (I think ‘yeah, right’ is the appropriate response to that) and that everyone should plant more trees in their gardens to give them enough shade. That shouldn’t be a problem for us since the garden has grown into a miniature rainforest and now has its own microclimate and eco-system. Pigeons have now replaced the magpies as inhabitants of the canopy layer, and there is no shortage of bees among the wild poppies that have colonised the borders. Every so often one of the cats brings home a mouse to add to the bio-diversity. Or at least I think that’s why they do it.


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