Isn’t it funny…?

… that I only feel like writing here on lovely sunny mornings with blue sky, clear and cold, lovely view of the trees in my garden etc?
I’ve been too tired most of the time to think of anything to write anyway, thanks to a complete overload of work during the Portrait Gallery decant. But I’ve managed to get two days at my own desk this week so feel more rested. I am nearly at the end of a long, long house move as well. It should be finished next week.
I’ve started to plan for a trip to the Winchester Writers’ Conference, which I hope to get to at the end of June. There are writing competitions to enter, which I can never resist despite my Publishers Weekly review from the Amazon contest which was quite off-putting. As it is always too late to write anything completely new by the time I think about it, I plan to use extracts from various things that have been sitting around on my laptop for a while waiting for their turn in the limelight (or not, as the case may be) – including my 2007 NaNo novel which I thought was terrible until I re-read some of it recently, a novella I once wrote for a Radio Scotland challenge, and the beginning of a murder story which fizzled out – but that’s all right, as I only need the first 500 words!
I’ve also had fun going through the programme again and again to see what I want to do at the conference. Last year’s Friday mini-course and Friday/Sunday workshop were both excellent.


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