the quiet of the morning

It’s a lovely day here in Edinburgh (the second sunny Saturday in a row!) and the cats are out early doing whatever they do in the mornings.
I have to go to Livingston some time this weekend to do a bit more house-clearing. But I am hoping it won’t take over the whole weekend as I have to go out there on Wednesday too. I feel quite intimidated by the idea of clearing a house, although it isn’t the first time I’ve done it. You just don’t realise how many odd little things (and bigger things) have to be moved, found homes for or recycled.
This week has been really tiring at work, as I’ve been on my feet a lot of the time instead of sitting at a desk, plus there are a lot of stairs at the Portrait Gallery! We are clearing the whole building, which is even worse than my house clearing exercise.
In between times I have started to plan my holidays for this year. I hope to go to Winchester Writers’ Conference in July and to Barcelona in September. The writers’ conference is an opportunity to focus on writing for a few days, to get ideas and to work on problematic parts of the novels that seem to have been in progress for far too long. After last year’s conference I found I had a completely new idea for a novel, which I then wrote during NaNoWriMo, and I had a few extra scenes for The Tree Museum. There is quite a bit of work to do before the conference as you have to send in relevant excerpts beforehand, and then there are the competitions, which are such fun that I am determined to go in for some of them again.


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