good news and bad news

It’s a cool but sunny day in Edinburgh – I got the chance to walk along by the Water of Leith in the early afternoon. There was a heron fishing near the Roseburn Viaduct – not sure if he caught anything.
The bad news is that, having failed to get through to the semi-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award with ‘The Mountain and the Flood’, I’ve now had my review from ‘Publishers Weekly’ which makes things 10 times worse! They do seem to like the concept of the novel, but they have voiced some serious complaints about the plot and characters. I’m not sure if I can face going back to fix the issues, or even to have another look at it anyway! But give it another month or so and I won’t be able to resist trying to do just that.
The good news is several-fold. The missives have been signed for the sale of my late brother’s house, so that the buyers will have great difficulty in backing out now, and the doctor has said my blood pressure is at last back down in normal range. But best of all, Alex and I have got into our stride with writing our one-act play ‘Adventure on the Scotch Express’ and at last it looks possible that we will be able to get it done in good time. Hope these aren’t famous last words!


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