a lovely Saturday

It’s a lovely Saturday morning here in Edinburgh, with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. It’s still slightly on the cold side and I really should close the conservatory door.flowers1_cropped
At last I feel as if I am making some writing progress – not with any of my novels but with the one act play, now re-entitled ‘Adventure on the Scotch Express’. We have the characters and a better outline of the plot. All we have to do is to write the dialogue!!
As far as the novels are concerned, I am mulling over the idea of adding the content of the two ‘sequels’ to the original story ‘A Place of Conflict’. That sounds silly as if it would end up much too long and complex, but as it seems to be stuck firmly at around 50,000 words, adding the extra might be what gives it enough weight and length. I will keep mulling for a while. The thing that’s putting me off a bit is the idea that I would then have to write something completely different for this year’s NaNoWriMo. But that might be for the best anyway. But I do love decisions I can put off until later!


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