a long, long weekend

Another week, another Friday… but this time it’s not a real Friday but the second day of a long Easter weekend. I frittered away yesterday travelling to Livingston (by bus – groan), having a rather too leisurely lunch at Pizza Hut due to the slowness of the service, and preparing to pack all the remaining books, photographic equipment etc at my late brother’s house. ‘Unfortunately’ I seem to have done something to my back in the process so will have to take it easy today – absolutely no housework!
Maybe I will end up with nothing to do but write; still, I will be working hard on alternatives.
It’s a cool bright day in Edinburgh – but we have had plenty of rain in the past week.
Jacques has now started a campaign against the pigeons who seem to have moved into our tree. It’s a pity, since I always like to hear their soothing sounds, which remind me of long ago times when I used to sit on the window-sill of my bedroom in the old house I grew up in, listening to wood-pigeons in the garden next-door. I feel more relaxed just thinking about it.


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