Tuesday strikes again

I suppose I should have expected Tuesday to come along after Monday, and at least it’s not as bad as Thursday would be, but we do have a divisional meeting all afternoon during which we are supposed to produce a vision and mission statement and a new divisional name. The name is just about the last straw as people have been vying with each other to come up with more and more unlikely acronyms.
By the way, it’s a cold but bright morning in Edinburgh yet again, and the cats are out enjoying themselves. Correction, Caspar has just come in, with one of his multi-purpose miaows – it would be good to be able to pack so many different meanings into one word. If I unpacked them I would probably find ‘hello’, ‘cold out again’, ‘what’s for breakfast?’ and perhaps some existential philosophy.
The magpies have been noisy again, just as I thought they had gone from the big tree in our garden. For a while they seemed to have been replaced by wood pigeons, whose sounds were a lot more soothing.
I’ve had to remind myself this was meant to be a writing blog. I can see why writing has slipped so far down my to-do list, with all this weather and garden stuff to think about. Anyway, although I haven’t done any actual writing for a little while, I am working on a submission to an agent, so every morning I go into the Word file containing my query letter and change it a bit. I’ve been putting this off as I have two novels in competitions at the moment and it would be good to know how far they’ve got before contacting the agent.
As well as the query letter I have made a very small start on the one act play I’m supposed to be writing with my son. We’ve gone through the character list and given each character a name. I hadn’t expected that to make any difference, but in fact it is very much easier to see what sort of people they are. The play is set in 1909 so we have chosen names of the period from my family history research. I think my great-uncle would have been amused to know that his two wives Aggie and Phemie are about to be immortalised on the stage!


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