thank goodness for the weekend

It’s a cold wet day in Edinburgh this morning, but at least it’s Saturday so I can take my time over breakfast, spinning it out by sitting in the conservatory, the door open to let the cats run in and out, as I mull over whether to go along to Tesco’s or just to get a few things at the local Co-op, whether to buy a spare pair of reading glasses from one of the local pharmacies or to book an eye test for next week…. All these minor decisions that clutter up our lives.
There is panic setting in at work as there is only just over a week to go before we have to start clearing everything out of one of the gallery buildings; I woke up in the night worrying about all the things that still have to be done, and then went back to sleep and dreamed that I took the cats away on Eurostar and they didn’t have yellow sticky labels on so they kept escaping from their baskets and wandering off. This ‘cats on trains’ dream is a familiar one of mine!


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