cold and bright again

This is about the best we can expect from our weather here. It’s a lovely, sunny morning but I am getting very chilled as I sit in the conservatory with the door open waiting for the cats to come in. They like to be able to run in and out at this time in the morning, but eventually I will just get too cold – usually when my feet start to go numb! – and then I’ll close the door.

One more really busy day to go and then I’ll just be moderately busy. Last night I was at the first production meeting for the new Edinburgh People’s Theatre show ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’. We need three props people for this and it is just possible I will have to make a six foot doll / dummy as a follow-up to the three three-foot rag dolls I made over the winter for various theatrical purposes. In some ways I would enjoy the challenge, but in other ways I would much prefer it if we could come up with an alternative!

My writers’ forum has been in an uproar since the weekend after an invasion of people who don’t write but have just come along to vote for their hero (who seems to be the computer games equivalent of Des Lynam since he just commentates on computer games and doesn’t play them himself – a level of pointlessness which I can’t even begin to understand). Some people are setting up alternative sites so it’s anyone’s guess what the final outcome will be. I feel I should really retreat from all the various writers’ sites and get on with some writing instead! However it has been great to be part of a writers’ community for a while.


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