long day’s journey…

A cold but bright day in Edinburgh without too much wind.
I am recovering from last night’s youth centre AGM which was hard work but a pleasant meeting (especially compared to last year’s) with quite a bit of audience participation, always difficult to achieve.
I have another long day ahead, starting with work (more and more of a trial) and then straight on to a meeting about props for the next EPT production. Tomorrow will be another long day as I have arranged to go out to Livingston after work to make another attempt to sell my late brother’s house which with superb timing I put on the market just as the credit crunch was starting.
Not much room for writing in all this, although I hope to be able at least to think about an extra scene or two for my historical/time travel novel ‘A Place of Conflict’ and also to mull over the scene structure for a short play I will be starting soon with my son.


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