back to reality

I was ridiculously happy for most of yesterday thanks to Amazon – there was a good sense of community in the writers’ forum too as we swapped links and experiences after waiting for the results earlier in the week. I still hope to tap into that feeling and do more writing!

It’s a cold, bright morning in Edinburgh and Jacques ‘the kitten’ has already been out in the garden annoying the magpies by climbing the tree where they live. It was only 6.30 am and I was worried that the resultant squawking would wake all the neighbours.

There are all sorts of things to do for the committee I’m on, and I have been putting them off but will have to get to them later if I’m not too tired. Just as well there isn’t very much on tv these days! – when will the new series of ‘House’ reach the UK, for instance? And why does ‘Heroes’ have to be shown on Mondays when I am quite often out. Thank goodness for BBC iPlayer.


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