happy St Patrick’s Day

The heading doesn’t so much reflect anything Irish about me as the fact that I’m happy because I’ve just received notification from Amazon that I’ve reached the quarter finals (the final 500) of their novel competition.

A cold but dry day in Edinburgh, which is just as well since the car isn’t working again and I will have to get the bus to work. I always feel healthier if I do this: the bus doesn’t go all the way, and I have to walk along a river footpath and up some very steep steps to get there. There are goosanders on the river at the moment – they are diving birds which only visit this area once a year or so.

I will now be inspired to do more writing, only unfortunately it’s a very busy time at work and following a tumultuous committee meeting last night it looks as if we are in for a busy time there too. I will just have to prioritise ruthlessly – I can always cut down on the housework (in-joke for anyone who has ever been in our house).


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