Thank goodness it’s the weekend!

After an extremely busy working week, here I am relaxing in the conservatory on Saturday morning. It’s a cool, bright, windy day in Edinburgh – weather to blow away cobwebs.

I am determined not to waste the weekend as I have a lot of tasks to catch up on, both on the housework front and on outside things to do with writing and chairing a committee. I hope not to waste too much time either on the forum at Authonomy or on Facebook, where I haven’t done much up to now but to which I have now added Catbook.

The cats usually enjoy the weekend as I leave the conservatory door open for them while I’m in the house and they go in and out as they please for a while – until it gets too cold and I have to close it to stop my fingers freezing to the keyboard.

Later I’ll be going out to the theatre to help with front of house for The Miser and then with the move-out, which is always the last straw as it has to be done immediately after the final performance when everybody is worn out.


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